Sneaky Pete Rizzo


For 33 years, Texas A&M University Professor Emeritus Dr. Peter Rizzo has had an alter ego: "wild twin brother" Sneaky Pete who could be seen around local clubs with his trademark fedora and guitar.

For the over three decades he has been known primarily for songs about boogers, rhinestones, vampire frogs, vampire skeeters, vampire girlfriends, vampires confused about their sexuality, zombie stew, zombie smoothies (brains in a blender),

zombie nuns, zombie weasels, zombie love, barbecuing Barney, drunken ferrets, hairy leprechauns, elephant dung, nuns learning to skydive, big keesters, roadkill, meowing cows and dyslexic "futhermothers."

Nineteen of his roughly 200 novelty songs have been featured on the nationally

syndicated Dr. Demento radio program, highlighted by his #1 hit “Booger on my Beer Mug”.


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